Nature-based Solutions Bangladesh

"Communities within Bangladesh have been working with nature for many years to adapt to climatic impacts and there is a rich body of knowledge on how to implement Nature-based Solutions."

We must be more vocal globally and unprecedentedly aggressive to fund our prosperity and other development plans aimed at tackling climate change.

Let’s not pay lip service to climate change

11th May 2022

In the newly published piece at the Daily Star, Dr. Haseeb Irfanullah wrote how he sees the forthcoming COP27 as the opportunity for Bangladesh to prioritise climate action in three interconnected areas, which are to:

  • Harness our leadership beyond the current CVF presidency.
  • Establish a Biodiversity Conservation Fund.
  • Incorporate “economic recovery potentials” of NbS in their post-disaster rebuilding initiatives, as well as post-pandemic recovery efforts.

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