Nature-based Solutions Bangladesh

"Communities within Bangladesh have been working with nature for many years to adapt to climatic impacts and there is a rich body of knowledge on how to implement Nature-based Solutions."

News item image There will be an NbS session at the Gobeshona conference in January 2021.

NbS thematic session in Gobeshona7 Conference in January 2021

1st December 2020

Gobeshona is a knowledge sharing platform for climate change research on Bangladesh. Since 2014, ICCCAD has organised a Gobeshona Conference annually to bring together the national and international research community to encourage sharing of research, enhance its quality and, in doing so, make climate change research on Bangladesh more effective. The 7th Gobeshona Conference with the theme of Locally Led Adaptation Action will be held online from 18th to 24th January 2021. As nature-based solutions (NbS) has been gaining global and national momentum, there will be a session on NbS organized by the NbS Oxford, Peru and Bangladesh teams. Stay tuned to the conference website for more information on different thematic sessions.