Nature-based Solutions Bangladesh

"Communities within Bangladesh have been working with nature for many years to adapt to climatic impacts and there is a rich body of knowledge on how to implement Nature-based Solutions."

The NbS Bangladesh Network dicuss "Reconnecting Water, People and Nature"

Recording & summary: “Reconnecting Water, People and Nature”

1st March 2022

Recording and Summary from the Panel Discussion Session on “Reconnecting Water, People and Nature” organised by ICCCAD

The International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) organised a panel discussion with its “NbS Bangladesh Network” on Reconnecting Water, People and Nature as part of World Wetlands Day 2022 in February. The panel discussion held on 09 February provided an insightful discussion on the vital role of water for people and nature.

Video recording of the session.

Download the discussion summary from the session