Nature-based Solutions Bangladesh

"Communities within Bangladesh have been working with nature for many years to adapt to climatic impacts and there is a rich body of knowledge on how to implement Nature-based Solutions."

News item image Is there a role for NbS in humanitarian crises? Photo: Anisur Rahman

‘What role do nature-based solutions play in the Rohingya refugee crisis?’ in The Daily Star

25th August 2020

On the 3rd anniversary of the on-going Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh, Dr. Haseeb Md. Irfanullah has written an article in ‘The Daily Star’ exploring if there is any role of nature-based solutions (NbS) in such a humanitarian crisis – starting with failures, successes and uncertainties in the Rohingya refugee camps and then mentioning about the piloting, innovations, successes and challenges around different NbS tried in Rohingya refugee camps over the last three years which open up door for opportunities.